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Qingdao Newtron Industrial Company in Tires,Tyres & More Tires

Qingdao Newtron Industrial Company
A wholly-owned leading subsidiary company of China Wanda Group, Qingdao Newtron Industrial Co., Ltd focuses on supply chain trading finance to expand international operations and integrate with the international market. Based on supply chain and trade finance, Newtron imports and exports tire, chemical, car and mechanical and electrical products, etc. Taking advantages of first-class management, human resource, strong sales and service network of China Wanda Group, Newtron has successfully constructed a trade pattern:orienting supply chain and trade finance, developing tire, chemical and electrical products business. Performing as the core of the supply chain, China Wanda Group and Qingdao Newtron Industrial have transferred their credit worthiness efficiently to a large number of small and middle sized enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain. This has improved small and middle sized enterprises' credit obviously and reduced financing costs. Improving the finance operational efficiency, lowering the risk of financial services, Newtron will promotes the sustainable development in trade.

Qingdao Newtron Industrial Company

Contact : Lang Liang
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