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Ningbo Fuyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. in Tires,Tyres & More Tires

Ningbo Fuyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Fuyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
SELL Thermal Barrier Strip of Polyamide | PA66+25% glass fiber for thermal Barrier Strip | PA66+25% glass fiber for low voltage apparatus | PA66+25% glass fiber for cage | PA66+30%GF for chair base (chair five star base) | PA66+30% glass fiber for automobile driving mirror | PA66+30% glass fiber for automobile fan | PA66+35% glass fiber for automobile cleaner | PA66+45% glass fiber for fishing gear | PA66+mineral filling for automobile wheelcover | PA66+mineral fill for automobile motor mantle BUY PA66 OFF GRADE PELLET | PA66 NATURE FIBERS ,YARNS,FILAMENTS SCRAP | PA66 AIRBAG SCRAP(COATED AND UNCOATED) | PA66 TAPE FABRIC SCRAP | PA66 CABLE TIE SCRAP | CAST NYLON SCRAP | PA6 OLIGOMER(CAPROLACTAM RESIDUE) | PA66 GLASS FILLED REGRIND (15-30%) | PARA, PA/PPO PAMXD6 LUMP.REGRIND .RUNNER ETC | WASTE AA(ADIPIC ACID),HMDA(HEXAMETHYLENE DIAMINE),AH SALT,NYLON66 ALL WASTE FROM DOPONT,RHODIA,BASF...

Ningbo Fuyu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Zhejiang

Contact : Huaming Sun
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