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Wastoil Eco Ltd in Tires,Tyres & More Tires

Wastoil Eco Ltd
Wastoil Eco Ltd
The company was established in Feb. 03, 2009 as a start up company. We have high skilled professionals in chemistry, chemical technology and mechanical engineering. The company profile is research and development of technology concerning to waste treatment such as scrap tires, used packaging material and est. We have completely designed technology for recycling of scrap tire. The technology based on the trivial pyrolysis process but with revolutionary application. Our process does not require any cutting or shredding like in other technologies. The whole scrap tire up to 800 mm in diameter is fed in the apparatus and pyrolized as is. The Wastoil process is continuous and completely autonomy. The feasibility was proved by runs of our pilot whith capability to process up to 60 kg/h of whole scrap tire. The designed technology has patent value and it is pending in Israel. The detailed describtion about this technology you may find here . We have recently focused our efforts to recycling of used food packaging materials. Our R&D in this branch shows good results and promise feasible process, which possible to implement in the comercial size. The company is seeking for investment in those projects in order to implement our developed technologies in a commercial size.

Wastoil Eco Ltd
Kyriat Bialik

Contact : Alex Glozman
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