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B.K. Air Cooling & Ventilation Systems in Tires,Tyres & More Tires

B.K. Air Cooling & Ventilation Systems
Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment & Ventiliation Systems.
  • Centrifugal Blower Dust Extraction System (Dry/Wet/Bag)
  • Axial Flow Fan Fume Extraction System
  • Industrial Mancooler Air Cooling System
  • Spray Painting Booth Ventilation System
  • Unit Dust Collector Kitchen Ventilation
  • Roof Extractor Gas Cleaning/Scrubbers
  • Air Washers-Spray/Pad Type Textile Humidification
  • Cellulose Pads Green House/Poultry Shed Ventilation
  • Air Filters Pressurization/Dust Proofing

    B.K. Air Cooling & Ventilation Systems
    Mathura Uttar Pradesh

    Contact : Subodh Kumar
    For Further Information,

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