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Passenger Tyre Retailers

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Shipping Pt. / Location: CHINA, QINGDAO CHINA

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Quantity Units Frequency
10000 each Week
Price Funds Per Unit
10 USD each
New Passenger Car Tyres - Car Tire. We are tire exporter in China, we sell Car tire, Passenger tire, PCR tire, light truck tire, UHP tire, SUV tire, cross country tire, sizes: size 145/70R12 155/70R12 165/70R12 155/80R12 175/60R13 155/65R13 165/65R13 155/70R13 165/70R13 175/70R13 185/70R13 155/80R13 165/80R13 165/60R14 185/60R14 195/60R14 205/60R14 165/65R14 175/65R14 185/65R14 165/70R14 175/70R14 185/70R14 195/70R14 205/70R14 185/80R14 195/50R15 185/55R15 195/55R15 185/60R15 195/60R15 205/60R15 175/65R15 185/65R15 205/65R15 215/60R15 215/65R15 205/70R15 215/70R15 205/50R16 195/55R16 205/55R16 215/55ZR16 225/55R16 205/60R16 215/60R16 225/60ZR16 235/60R16 205/65R16 215/45ZR17 225/45ZR17 235/45ZR17 205/50ZR17 205/55ZR17 215/55ZR17 225/55ZR17 225/45R18 225/50ZR18 235/45ZR18 245/35ZR20 155R12C(LT) 155R13C(LT) 165R13C(LT) 175R13C(LT) 185R14C(LT) 195R14C(LT) 205R14C(LT) 215R14C(LT) 185R15C(LT) 195R15C(LT) 500R12C(LT) 550R12C(LT) 550R13C(LT) 600R13C(LT) 600R14C(LT) 650R15C(LT) 700R15C(LT) 31*10.50R15LT 6.00R16C(LT) 650R16C(LT) 6.50R16C(LT) 7.00R16 TL/TT 7.50R16 TL/TT 165/70R14C(LT) 175/65R14C(LT) 195/70R15C(LT) 205/70R15C(LT) 215/70R15C(LT) 225/70R15C(LT) 185/75R16C(LT) 195/65R16C(LT) 195/75R16C(LT) 205/65R16C(LT) 205/75R16C(LT) 215/75R16C(LT) 225/75R16C(LT) P215/50R13 P205/80R14 P215/75R15 P225/75R15 P235/75R15 P235/70R16 P235/65R17 LT225/75R15 LT235/75R15 LT225/75R16 LT245/75R16 LT265/75R16 LT235/80R16 ST175/80R13 ST205/75R14 ST215/75R14 ST205/75R15 ST225/75R15 ST235/80R16 ST235/85R16 185/60R14 winter 195/65R15 winter 205/55R16 winter 165/70R13 winter All tires are good quality, good price. ISO DOT E4 UTQG GCC certificates approved. if you have interest, please feel free to contact us, our best support is always for you. Best regards!

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